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Our Approach

Listen, our goal is to provide exceptional signage solutions to our clients. The foundation of this endeavor however is family. We decided early on that we could do a lot of things in this world with our lives and our talents. That being said we concluded that nothing we accomplish would ever equal the value that family had to us and if we couldn’t build an exceptional family life then nothing else we endeavored to do would be worthwhile until we achieved our first endeavor of placing the precedence on family.

This emphasis on family is what we would like to carry over in our relationship with you. It is our sincere desire that as we work together you will see our genuine spirit and that a relationship will be nurtured  that doesn’t just make us partners in business but team players in making our community a more unified place nurturing family values  and a spirit of togetherness.

Our Story

Jarrod and Aimee can often be heard telling one another, “You are the greatest lab partner in the world!” While pursuing continuing education degrees as a chemist and a pharmacist they met in an Organic Chemistry class. Jarrod arriving to the lab late, and Aimee being quite shy, found themselves being two of the last people to have lab partners. Being they sat next to one another in lecture they decided to partner in the labs as well. Throughout a long grueling semester they became friends and as summer break came and they both experienced change in their lives they began to consider whether their unique teamwork in the chemistry lab could correlate to other aspects of life.

This friendship eventually tugged on their heart strings and they have shared in life together every since. Each day has brought new challenges and each day they have smiled at one another as yet another adventure began with their early morning groggy but happy ‘Good Morning!’.

Jarrod began working in the sign industry early on and always felt a tug toward advertising and marketing. Being a natural born strategist and athlete he always enjoyed the challenge of trying to create advertising that would engage people. Aimee on the other hand began a career in Pharmacy at a young age. Coincidentally she had multiple opportunities to open new  locations for her companies developing a unique understanding of business start-ups. As they began to put their ideas and experiences together it inevitably evolved into Sign Smart: Intelligent Advertising & Design Solutions! Jarrod and Aimee ask that you would join them in this adventure! They are dedicated to solving the problems of growing business through market research and are fluent in providing eye catching advertising that will have everyone in town eager to stop by just to know a little more about what you offer. So don’t wait, make this the start of your new adventure and contact them today!

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